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The love of a Family is one of Life’s Greatest Blessings

We all know that Mom and her baby are the stars of the show when it comes to a maternity session, but there’s no denying the sweetness of having the entire family in the frame, too. I love capturing the raw, candid moments between parents and siblings, and pressing pause on a moment in time that would otherwise go by so quickly and without preservation!  

Being able to photograph a mother’s journey through pregnancy is probably one of the greatest gifts I can give to others. Capturing that love for the little one as well as the rest of the family is my goal during every maternity session.

Carrying a little one in your belly for nine months is not an easy task. Doing it with 5 other kids can make it even more difficult. But the joy of having that little one in your life will surpass all the pain and hardship you may have dealt with during the pregnancy. Every baby is a blessing to the family it is born to and this one was no different.

My shoot with TY and the rest of her family – including Dad, and their 5 children, Izaih, Tatiana, Ariana, Aniya, and Roy Jr – offered lots of those moments. The session took place last weekend at Leone Price Park in Kennesaw and it was a non-stop shutter clicking extravaganza!  

What a sweet couple and such a sweet moment. You can tell he absolutely adores his wife and is proud of her and all their kids. I’m so excited for your growing family, you two. Thanks for letting me step into your world for a moment! I am looking forward to meeting Baby in a couple months and capturing more sweet moments with your family.  

Some highlights from the mom to be:

What’s one piece of advice you would give to other expecting mothers for the session? TY- Wear something you feel amazing in and Sariah will do the rest of the work. Just follow her lead.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to other parents having a session including their other children? TY-Make sure the little ones get a nap before the session.

What were your goals of the session? TY-I wanted to feel radiant and capture how beautiful I have felt through this pregnancy. 

March 21, 2019

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Reflections By Luna