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The Importance of recognizing the Amazing Pregnancy Journey

Even though pregnancy comes with a lot of difficult trials, it is an amazing time in your life. It is a time of celebration and of anticipation as you prepare to meet your little bundle of joy. It’s a time where you become strong – stronger than you ever thought you could possibly be. During this time, you create your initial bond with your child that will continue throughout your entire lives. There are very few women who actually feel like they are beautiful while they are pregnant – especially during the first pregnancy. However, the miracle of pregnancy is a beautiful thing. Swollen feet, stretch marks, and hormone changes aside – you are growing a real live human being inside of you. All of those side effects come from different things your body has to do to help nourish and protect your baby. You are beautiful, and you should take the time to celebrate these changes and this amazing moment in your life.

These photos will be a great gift to pass down to your child as an heirloom of your first memories with them. This is something they can treasure forever. The best way to do this is with professional photography sessions throughout your pregnancy.

Traditionally, there are 3 types of maternity sessions:

Pregnancy Annoucement
Gender Reveal

The first session we recommend is the announcement session where you announce your pregnancy. These may have different themes or just be a general picture of you and hubby or it might a surprise way to announce to S/O that you are pregnant. There are usually done between 10-12 weeks after you have your first ultrasound.

Gender reveal sessions which gives you an opportunity to share what the gender of the baby is with friends and relatives. You might do this as a surprise where the photographer knows but you don’t or you might know and no one else does. There are many different ways you can do it and it’s usually a lot of fun. These sessions are usually done between 16-20 weeks after the gender ultrasound.

The final session is the special maternity session between 28-35 weeks pregnant. This is the time when you are showing quite a bit but not quite as uncomfortable as you would be at say 37 or 38 weeks. Just enough to show off that glow of pregnancy and that amazing bump that represents that little one growing inside you.

We recommend you contacting us as soon as you find out your pregnant to start planning your sessions. We offer a variety of packages that cover these sessions as well as milestone sessions after the baby is born.

If you are interested in ideas of what to wear for your session please check out our blog post 8 tips for outfits to wear during your maternity session. This is a once in a lifetime chance to make these memories. Once baby is born, the only way you will get these memories back is by seeing these pictures. Reminding yourself of what you did and what came from it as part of the celebration of the life you created. It is not an easy process and it deserves to be recognized.

March 5, 2019

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