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Tale As Old As Time… True as It May Be

Valentine’s weekend was such a fun weekend. Not only did I have an amazing session with the sweetest couple but I also got to capture the sweetest proposal ever (besides mine of course). This proposal has been in the works since before Christmas. It was so much fun. Edgar had it all planned out in his head and decided on a new park in the area. One that had a gorgeous view of the city.

Westside Park, Atlanta GA Skyline @Sunset February 2022

Things started out kind of rocky, when his buddies didn’t arrive as early as hoped to get everything setup but once they did everything went pretty smoothly from there. We started with some simple couple photos as she was under the impression that it was just a simple couples session since they hadn’t done any couple photos professionally since starting dating 3 years ago. As you can see, these 2 were a natural infront of the camera and you can see every emotion that they shared between each other in the way they looked at each other.

Getting ready to walk up, eyes closed

Once we got the go ahead from the site, we proceeded up to the special view. She had never been here before so it was a surprise… IN MORE THAN ONE WAY. Just below the hill, we started the surprise setup and Edgar told her to close her eyes and guided her up the rest of the hill, up and the stairs and onto the little overlook area. We are talking Beauty and the Beast walking into the library. She wasn’t allowed to peak at all. She had no clue where she was going and had to have complete trust in Edgar going up the hill.

Once they reached the middle, the real magic began! He had the sweetest setup and you could tell he put so much thought and planning into make the moment absolutely magical. The great part is she had no idea what was happening. So the look of utter shock, surprise and happiness was completely genuine and you could just feel the excitement coming off of both of them.

The rest of the session was super fun, relaxed and kind of romantic. We walked around the park just capturing them together and then got to watch the sunset over the city skyline. What a great way to end a perfect night! Take a look at the video my friend Sky Simone from Sky Simone Photography + Film made of their perfect evening! Can you get any more romantic than this in Atlanta?

Video Credit @Sky Simone Photography + Film

I can’t wait to continue to watch this story unfold! I look forward to capturing many more memories of this lovely couple in the future! Check out some of their engagements below.

February 21, 2022

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