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“Perfection only exists in babies and pastries.”

Hello out there! I have got a sticky sweet session to share with you that features the fabulous Poindexter family, who I photographed not too long ago at East Cobb Park.  Check out the Christmaas maternity session here : https://reflectionsbyluna.com/being-pregnant-means-every-day-is-another-day-closer-to-meeting-the-other-love-of-my-life-anonymous/ This time we chose a different location at Morgan Falls Overlook in Sandy Springs. Although he was not due until end of January, little CJ made his appearance on January 8th a few weeks early. Elise had a rough pregnancy and rough delivery but with the love and support of her family she made it through, and they all love little CJ so much.

I took the roll call, and the entire family was present and ready for action! We have got: 1-month old Walter Poindexter IV (CJ), 12-year-old Isaiah, 14- year-old Fatimah, and 16-year old Safia and Mom and Dad.

This pregnancy was a surprise for the family but a welcome one. And they could not imagine their lives without little CJ in it.  When Elise first found out she was pregnant she “didn’t believe it. It was a surprise. I was sick and went to a doctor’s appointment. I shared my symptoms and my doctor decided to do a pregnancy test. I remember the nurses and my doctor celebrating as they told me the news. I was confused and laughing hysterically. I just didn’t think at my age it would be possible, but we were happy.” You can see the happiness and love in everyone’s eyes reflected in the pictures below


Look at those photos and tell me you are not suddenly overcome with love. I asked Elise what advice she would give other mom’s preparing for their newborn/1 month session and she said to make sure you pick a time that works best for the baby and to make sure the clothes fit the season so that baby isn’t too hot or too cold.


Thanks for the fun Morning and for letting me photograph your entire crew, Elise and Walter.

I look forward too many more sessions with this cute family. Stay tuned for milestones and future family sessions with the Poindexters!

January 25, 2020

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Reflections By Luna