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“Of all things that I held, my baby boy is the most beautiful and precious.”

Welcome back!

The mission of this blog post is to show off the Charming Lucas Still. I actually photographed Lucas about 6 months ago when he was about 1 month old. Check out the pictures here:
https://reflectionsbyluna.com/2018/12/momdad-babyfamily-of-3.html I also did their Maternity session In October. You can check it out here: https://reflectionsbyluna.com/mom-in-training

His parents traveled 3 hours up to meet us for this session so it was a long day but he did fantastic!  

Can you believe how big this little fella has gotten since then? I had to blink a few times to make sure I was seeing things clearly! He is already crawling, pulling himself up, and walking as long as he’s holding on to something and he has started babbling. He is also attempting to talk and holds kind of a conversation with you and loves feeding himself. It’s amazing how fast they grow!  

Baby Lucas was the perfect size to put in a Tonka Truck. I was so excited to be able to use the prop and loved how the pictures turned out. I’ll definitely be using this one in future sessions.   Annmarie also brought his Yoda costume from her maternity/newborn pictures which added even more to the photos we took. One of my favorite stories his parents have told me and why we have star wars theme prop at every session is how when they were choosing a name they wanted one that was simple yet unique and had chosen Lucas. When they found out they were having a boy, the first thing Wayne (Daddy) said was “Luke, I am your father.” And so the star wars theme was started. From maternity until now and on to a special star wars themed cake smash coming in late October/early November!

Tips for parents preparing their baby for the session from Annmarie Still:

Make it the First thing you do, or do it after a good feed/nap. Honestly, be flexible. Have an idea of what you want, but be willing to just go with the flow of what your baby wants to do. Trust that Sariah can adapt, because believe me, She can! How did you feel the session went overall? AMAZING. You have this amazing ability to draw Lucas’s attention and make him smile no matter How the day has gone, and I’m forever grateful to you for that.

July 4, 2019

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