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“In every conceivable manner, the family is a link to our past, bridge to our future.” Alex Haley

Welcome back, Everyone! I recently had a spectacular session with the Frank family. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I truly have the best clients ever! This family was no exception, either. They were fun, easy going and very photogenic. Although the kids didn’t want their photos taken, they eventually warmed up and we got some great candid photos.
The weather was amazing but a little chilly. Apparently, mother nature finally got the memo that its fall here in Georgia. The skies were overcast which made for some amazing lighting.  

This was my first session really focusing on candid/lifestyle type shoots. Usually I do a mix of posed and unposed but this session was super fun, I would like to introduce the Frank Family: Jason (dad), Elana (Mom), Levi, Avidan, and Matan the kids. Jason is known as the silly dad and was joking around with the kids trying to get them to relax including piggy back rides and trying to push him in the pond. Elana is the strict mom; she was super relaxed but wanted them to be on point for the pictures but still super sweet to work with. Levi is the oldest and is shy and smart. Avidan is the little teddy bear of the family and Matan is the cutest baby ever.   We met at Lennox Park. I loved shooting at Lennox Park because of the many different options it offered, between the duck pond, the trees and grass, the stone wall and stairs, there were so many options to choose from and it was a lot of fun to mix it up.  

For our shoot, the Frank family brought matching shirts for each of the boys, (big bro, middle bro and little bro. I also brought along my Tonka truck for some cute milestone pictures of Matan who had just turned 6 months old. This was their first family session with the baby and I am so happy I was able to capture some amazing moments for
them.   I also got to capture some sweet moments as they did a Jewish tradition of “throwing away their sins” by feeding the ducks. Each time they threw a piece of food, they would mention something they did bad or something they needed to do better on. It was really cool to observe them and capture some of those memories.  

It truly was an amazing photo shoot. And if any of you are considering a family session or are prepping for an upcoming session, heed the words of Elana Frank. “Mom just relax and try to capture a moment that is true to you and your family. Having a staged photo
session is not natural for my family and when I look back at pictures when I’m
old I want to make sure the photographer captures who we really are,” she says. Solid advice! Okay, on to pictures of the Frank family! Thank you to the Frank Family for an amazing Session! I loved getting to know your family and capturing these special candid moments of everyone just being themselves. It was such an awesome session!

October 14, 2019

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Reflections By Luna