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“I Love her, and that’s the beginning and end of everything.”-F Scott Fitzgerald

The last few weeks I have been taking holiday family pictures. In the last few months, I have done several front porch sessions and raised over 1000 dollars for Must Ministries.  Yesterday I had the honor of photographing another photographer. I say honor because as someone who has not been in business very long to be chosen to photograph another photographer who knows the ins and outs but likes your style and your passion is a huge compliment. Kei and Cami asked for a maternity session with some specialized couple photos.

Although this is their 3rd child, they did not include the others in the session this time because they wanted to focus on their love for each other and their little girl. See it was not just a maternity session, it was also an engagement session. They got engaged in August but due to COVID-19 have not been able to save a date for their wedding.

You can see their love for each other in every look, in every touch, in every exchange. Being 9 months pregnant takes a toll on a mom and Kei has stepped in to help both during her pregnancy and with the other kids.  Cami said that “this pregnancy has been a roller coaster with emotions but overall, we are blessed.” She looked amazing for being 9 months pregnant. Their daughter is due to arrive sometime around the 9th of January 2021 and I say sometime because babies have their own idea of when they want to make their appearance.  Cami was a real trooper walking around the park at 9 months pregnant, but we got some amazing shoots.

On top of that, I wanted to add some fun to the session, and we did some cute engagement pictures for their upcoming wedding. The picture of the heart on the belly with the ring was one of my favorites, it has a double meaning because not only is it demonstrating and showing their love for their little girl but also their love and commitment to each other. Watching them interact was sweet. You could tell they were head over heels for each other … and when I say heels… Cami was wearing at least 4-inch stick heels… I have no idea how she managed that at 9 months pregnant and she made it look easy!!! But with Kei there by her side I am sure it was. He never left her side and was there to help her up and down for the different poses.

Here is the real kicker though. Not only is Kei a photographer, but they met at a photography event. So, what better way to capture their love for each other than photographs, something they are obviously both deeply passionate about although Kei admitted he is used to being behind the camera and has never actually been in front of it. A little about their proposal story: they went to dinner on the river and then a private venue afterwards with a sax player and family. Of course, she said “yes!”

So, engagement, pregnancy, 2 other children who will make fantastic older siblings and a wedding in the future. So much excitement during this year of trials for so many.

Thank you, Kei, and Kami, for allowing me to capture these reflections of moments in time for you to look back on. They are an amazing Mom and Dad duo, and their little bundle of joy is so lucky to be brought into the world with them. Thanks again and congrats, you two!

December 12, 2020

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Reflections By Luna