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“How wonderful life is, now you’re in the world.”

There are many amazing people in this world and as a photographer I get the pleasure of meeting a lot of new and inspiring people both as clients and in my photographer community. One of my newest clients is one of those inspirational women. Just looking at her makes me want to be like her in many ways. She is an amazing woman, wife, and mother and has a heart of gold. Not only is she the mom to all her children ranging from 6 months up to 22 years but she also participates in foster care and expands her love to those who may not have someone. She is caring and thoughtful and always takes time out of her day to check on others and do service. Watching her, I can only imagine what her kids will grow up to be like because she is such an amazing example to them.

I had the privilege of photographing her youngest son Easton a few weeks ago. She won one of my contest session giveaways and chose to use it towards a milestone session of her little man. He is a precious soul and is just starting to show his personality. He is a mama’s boy all the way but also adores his dad and siblings. He is starting to sit up, likes to scoot around but prefers to be held by his parents and siblings. He has some super cute expressions.

Baby Easton was the perfect size to put in the Tonka truck. I was so excited to be able to use the prop again and their backyard had the perfect backdrop for it with a huge pile of rocks. The pictures turned out sooo cute!   Shelby (Mom) also brought some of her favorite things which added even more to the photos we took. She brought her favorite Moses basket, a blanket that Easton loves, and a pear from her fruit orchard.

My other favorite part of the session is when mom picked a fresh pear off their pear trees and gave it to him, which he then hugged tight to his chest with a look that said, “This is my pear and don’t you forget it!” Easton’s favorite things are mama, trying to stand up, his siblings, and always having people around him. When asked how she felt the session went overall, she said “Baby was not his usual happy self, but Sariah was super patient.  

When asked if there was any advice she wanted to share with other parents to prepare for their session she said “Don’t stress. I get huge anxiety over making sure everything is picture perfect for photos. So I will go without pictures instead of just doing it. I am so pleased with how these turned out and I tried hard not to stress.” It was a great opportunity to work with this family and their little one and I hope do many sessions with them in the future.

June 17, 2019

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Reflections By Luna