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Generations of Love-in Unity

Recently, I had the opportunity to do a session with a family I know from church. They have 4 kids and their parents were visiting for Thanksgiving.

Photographing older kids is soooo much fun. They were giving each other piggy back rides and just joking around. It was so easy to get fun natural expressions from them. We did some posed and some not and you could tell how close this family was. The emotions that they shared just by being close to each was awesome. The oldest child is 16 and the youngest was 9 and you could tell they were very close even with the age difference.

The sisters were inseparable and the brother was protective but sweet at the same time. I was also able to capture the grandparents who have been together for almost 50 years. You could still see the love and adoration for each other beaming in their eyes. And the love they had for their kids and grandkids. It was an honor to take pictures of such a sweet family and to capture these reflections and memories for them.

November 28, 2018

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Reflections By Luna