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I see you Mama!

Professional Lab vs Consumer labBefore I started my journey as a professional photographer, I didn’t know the difference or the value of using a professional lab for printing my pictures vs a typical consumer lab. I would always take my cd to the local Walmart or target to get them printed. What Ididn’t realize is […]

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Printing your Photos to display in your home: The importance of choosing the right Printing Lab

Is it okay to give your child and incentive during a session? Picture day can be a very, very stressful time if you have children. Finding the right outfit and a date that everyone is available on already causes you a headache. Once you have that down, though, everything is smooth sailing. You have prepared […]

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Power of incentives at your photo session

Not sure what to wear for your maternity session? Check out these great tips to help you prepare: 1. Remember, the main purpose of this session is to show off your baby bump, so be sure to wear more clingy clothing to your session. It doesn’t necessarily have to be tight, but you want it […]

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8 clothing tips/ideas for maternity sessions

Pre-Session Warm Up I just wanted to take a minute to talk about the importance of the pre-session warm up. What is this, you might ask? This is the photographer-child interaction time that occurs before we begin the session. I always suggest that you show up a little bit early, maybe 5-10 minutes, to your […]

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Warming up to your photographer

Dressing for the seasons SPRING The birds are chirping, the buds are blooming, and the snow has officially melted. That means it’s time for your spring family session. Here are a few wardrobe tips to ensure the whole gang looks smashing: – Play up the fact that it’s spring. Have a necklace with a butterfly […]

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Wondering what to wear to your session? Here’s some tips

Even though pregnancy comes with a lot of difficult trials, it is an amazing time in your life. It is a time of celebration and of anticipation as you prepare to meet your little bundle of joy. It’s a time where you become strong – stronger than you ever thought you could possibly be. During […]

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The Importance of recognizing the Amazing Pregnancy Journey

Tips for eliminating Fake smiles Kids are completely unpredictable. They can be so adorable and easy going and laughing uncontrollably one minute, and the next minute, turn that charm off completely. They will typically smile for you all day long until you put them in front of a camera, then they freeze up like a […]

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Real Vs. Fake Smiles

When I was trying to decide on the name for my photography business, I wanted it to be something unique. Something that would stand out. Something that was different. I choose Reflections by Luna because that is my goal my goal is to capture with the camera what you might not see yourself. My goal […]

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Why Photography

Going over my Facebook business page today and looking back over the photos I’ve taken the last year or so. It’s crazy how much I have learned. Going from shooting in auto to shooting in manual and learning how to come out of my shell and talk to people during photo shoots. I’ve learned so […]

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Reflections past and future