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Capturing special moments

When you see a picture on someone’s wall or someone’s phone what do you think of? Do you think about that person in the present or do you think about the story that the picture tells. When I look back on the pictures we have taken over the years, I think about the moments in time that were captured. Some of my favorite pictures both of my family and of those I have done pictures for, are those special moments when you see the gleam in their eye and their life story is literally captured in that minute. Their love for one another is literally captured in that one second of time when the shutter snaps shut.
Every time the shutter closes that moment becomes part of the past but also part of the future because it becomes a story.

It is a story that will be told for years. “that one time when we took family pictures….” It is a special moment between the photographer and the photographee. A picture is not just capturing a moment, its capturing a special moment worth thousands of words that will mean the world for generations to come.

Giving people those memories and capturing those moments is one of the reasons why I am so passionate about photography. It is much more than just a hobby. I put my heart and sole into my sessions to try to bring out the best moments possible for my clients.

October 27, 2018

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Reflections By Luna