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Adventure Awaits!

HI gang!  

I was so excited to meet up with Erica and Jon at High Shoal Falls in Dallas, GA for a stunning – and terribly sweet – maternity session. At the time, Erica was mere 4 weeks and 1 day away from giving birth, so you can only imagine how she was feeling while we were roaming around finding the best spots to shoot! She was a trooper, though, let me tell you. Her skin looked amazing, her hair was perfection, and her Dress was on point.

This couple has a special relationship and a special story to tell their little one when he/she gets older. They chose a picture that says Adventure awaits as one of their props. I don’t think they realized that when they met along that trail, where the trail would actually lead them. They met online and met in person along the Appalachian Trail starting in Pennsylvania. They hiked the remainder of the 2200 trail together north from Pennsylvania all the way to New Hampshire. Erica said, “Through all the hard times the trail dealt us, we only grew stronger together.” And now, here they are 8 months later and starting a family of their own.

Not to mention, Jon was a total loving and supportive rock star the entire time. There was a moment when he was helping her climb over the creek on the rocks and a crossed the muddy bank of the stream and I nearly fainted from the tenderness of it all! She also mentioned how much of a rock star John has been at home. “He does everything around the house all the cleaning, some of the cooking, carries everything in for me and put together everything for the baby. This baby is pretty lucky to have such a loving and caring father.” She is a lucky girl to have such a loving and caring boyfriend!

Since they’re almost at the end of the pregnancy, I asked them about how their journey has been thus far. Mom said, “We have gone on a few easier hikes while I’ve been beyond 20 weeks pregnant but early on we were still doing strenuous hikes up in New Hampshire and Vermont. Aww! One of the things Erica says she is looking forward to about giving birth is finding out the gender of their little one. I’m sure this will help with her wanting an all-natural birth. “I look forward to being able to birth my baby naturally but not looking forward to the pain that will bring. I know my strength though and believe in myself enough plus with the support of Jon I know I can do this.” They’re going to be an amazing Mom and Dad duo, and their little bundle of joy is so lucky to be brought into the world with them. Thanks again and congrats, you two! Advice from the client: When asked; What’s one piece of advice you would give to other expecting mothers for the session? Erica said “Just trust in her abilities to find the right poses and lighting.” She also said that her experience during the session was “Very easy and comfortable…she made it simple and not awkward at all even when other people showed up.”

April 15, 2019

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Reflections By Luna