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Adventure Awaits Part 2

Hi all! I’ve got a newborn (1 Month old) session to share with you! I did the maternity a few months ago! You can check it out here: https://reflectionsbyluna.com/adventure-awaits/

1 month old babies are one of my favorites to capture because they are just starting to find their personality. You can start to see their different expressions and are starting to learn what each look and stare means. During this session, I captured many expressions for baby Olivia. She is an absolute doll with a fun personality. She will definitely bring her parents adventures for sure.

I met up with Erica and Jon a couple weeks ago at Leone Price Park and, as you can see, it was the dreamiest. Session. Ever! Erica’s favorite memory from the birth was “I loved having Jon be there with me and supportive through the whole thing. He was the one that announced “it’s a girl!” And cut the cord. It was all just the perfect moment and a day full of treasured memories.”

Erica and Jon had chosen not to find out what they were having until the day she was born. Erica said her first thought when she saw little Olivia was “I can’t believe I created something so perfect.” Jon’s first thought was “I pictured the future that we planned together with her being a part of it. So many outdoorsy adventures are in store.” Little Olivia was born May 7th @ 8lbs 5 oz 20.5 inches long. When asked what the first thing they noticed about their little one, Erica responded, “Since we didn’t know what we were having, finding she was a girl was pretty noticeable :). Also, she had really long and sharp fingernails. She has my nose and lips and daddy’s eyes, my darker hair at birth and chubby cheeks to match mine too.”

Her name Olivia Aspen is a combination of their favorite books and a piece of nature, two things that they enjoy together. Erica wishes to share this piece of advice for any future clients interested in the 1 month old baby/family session. “Be patient with your baby. Even a good baby, like mine, will decide to get fussy for photos.”

July 3, 2019

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