A good photo captures more than just your smile; it captures your family‚Äôs personality and tells the story of how you got to now. 

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. My goal as a photographer is to make a picture worth at least that and more. I want to tell a story with my photography. When I take pictures of my kids I love capturing the every day expressions and things that bring out their personality. The simple poses are fun to but it brings the picture alive when there is more to it than just standing still and smiling. When there is genuine laughter in their faces or love in their eyes for their siblings or parents. My goal is to capture that Reflection.
**Special Thanks to Joni Connor with Art by Joni Connor in San Diego for these homecoming photos April 2018**

Memories are fleeting things, changing and shifting even as new ones form. Our families are gifts that are constantly changing and growing. Reflections by Luna is dedicated to capturing your present so you can remember it when it becomes the past.


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