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“A Family is the Little World created by Love.”

Hi again, Ladies and Gents!

Let me stop for a second to tell you that I am seriously the luckiest photographer in the world. My clients are always so magnificent to work with. That’s true of my session with the Brown family, too!

I met up with them around 4:30pm at Mabry Park and the weather was perfect for photo-taking. It was sunny but the sun was setting which made for some amazing back light and it was just the right temperature. While the weather was fine, it was the Brown family that made this shoot such a blast.

Mom and Sister with Oliver

The Brown family consists of Robert (dad) who loves anything with hot sauce on it, Amanda (mom) who is an avid home chef, Kiara (older Sister), she loves to travel and has already visited 4 different continents since graduating from high school. And Oliver, who is a TOF heart warrior and has already had 2 open heart surgeries, but you cannot tell.  Finally, the cute Appie (Apolonia) their 6-month-old Boston terrier. She is named after Apolonia from Purple Rain because mom is a huge Prince fan. An interesting fact about this sweet family; the 2 kids are 17 years apart in age. Kiara was a senior in high school when her brother Oliver was born.

Robert, Amanda, Kiara, Appie and Oliver

“We enjoy experiencing new things together as a family, whether it be somewhere far or a new local spot. It could be a new restaurant, a new city we have never visited, or a new activity we have never tried.” Says Amanda.

One of the things Amanda told me about the session is how much she loved watching Kiera and Oliver play and laugh together. Kiara was graduating from high school when Oliver was born so they never really got to know each other. When Covid hit this year, Kiera returned home from College and the two have gotten remarkably close over the past year.

As you can see from the comments above and the photos below, this family is not only photogenic, but also a close-knit group who clearly love spending time together. Amanda, Robert, Kiara, Oliver and Appie are lucky to have each other.

Amanda says, “Wear something comfortable that makes you feel beautiful and be prepared to have fun!” When I asked her if she was worried about any part of the session before hand she said, “Nope, I knew we were in good hands. 😊”

See below for some teasers from the session.

January 4, 2021

  1. Monica De Vitis says:

    I really love this story. I’m Amanda’s aunt and I live in Italy and i really love all this pictures . Thank you so much for this beautiful present.

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