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7 Reasons Why You Should Take Maternity Photos

You are counting down the days until your little one arrives! Depending on how you feel at this stage of your pregnancy, you may be unsure about whether you want to invest time and money into professional maternity photos. Maybe you are self-conscious about the way your body looks or maybe you are just not sure about the cost of a photo session. While it is most important to decide what’s right for you and your personal needs, there are many reasons why maternity photos are worth the investment and are a choice you won’t regret.

Celebrate your pregnancy journey

A maternity photo session allows you to focus on the new life your body is working so hard to create, instead of the way you look, and can remind you of the excitement and joy that comes with bringing your child into the world. Pregnancy may not be the most pleasurable experience. As your body grows larger, you may not want any photos of yourself taken and would not want to share images with friends and family. It can be a challenge watching your body change so much, and it can also be easy to forget just how miraculous and incredible pregnancy really is. These memories will be precious for you to look back on, and will help you remember things you may not think about in the moments of pregnancy.

Capture the joy and anticipation

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No matter how you feel physically, pregnancy is a time of looking hopefully and delightfully toward the future. Mentally and emotionally, these pictures will mean so much to you and your kids in the future. In the months and years to come, as you focus on raising your new child, you may forget what it felt like to be eagerly awaiting their arrival. You may forget the first moment you felt that kick, or the moment you found out you were pregnant. Or the first time seeing them on the ultrasound or even finding out the gender.  Maternity photos can serve as a reminder of those feelings in the years to come. After all, most women only experience pregnancy a few times in their lives, and chances are you will not regret having a memento of that special time.

Mark this moment in your family’s growth

I am a firm believer that you can never have too many photos of your family. I have been taking pictures of my family since my husband and I got married. We try to do one a year and for a while were doing 2+ just to capture all the changes in our family.  So much of life passes by in a blur, and we often forget more than we remember. Whether this is your first child or your fourth, your pregnancy is a great time to get some family photos with not just you and your partner, but your other children as well. If you take time to do photo sessions on a regular basis, you can chart the growth of your family over the years—something your future self and your children will be thankful for. These photos might include yearly holiday photos, milestones such as newborn or cake smashes, a yearly birthday, celebrating an anniversary or even a special event like a military homecoming, or graduation.

Reveal the sex or name of your child

There are 3 types of maternity sessions. Announcing the pregnancy (12-15 weeks), announcing the gender (18-24 weeks) and the final stages of pregnancy between 32 and 36 weeks. A professional maternity session can be a fun way to announce either the sex or the name of your child—or even both! There are so many fun and creative ways to announce your little one’s name or sex to the world with photos, and as your photographer, I would be more than happy to help you make that announcement.

Have an excuse to get all dressed up

Let’s face it: during pregnancy, most of us don’t feel our most beautiful. You may spend a lot of time wearing whatever is most comfortable and a lot less time on your hair and makeup. But maternity photos are the perfect excuse to go all out on your beauty routine, whether that means doing your hair yourself or stopping into a salon to get the perfect hairdo. Pregnancy is a time in many women’s lives when they really need to feel beautiful because they so often do not. A maternity session allows you to revel in your beauty and strength and to remind yourself of how absolutely stunning you are.

Take time to bond with your partner

One of the coolest things about maternity sessions is the interactions between couples as they celebrate the new life they have created. Your maternity shoot gives you and your partner a chance to reflect on the life you have built together and how much has changed in your relationship since the beginning. Plus, maternity images are a great way to mark a major shift in the life of your family and in who you both are as you transition to parenthood.

Get images worth displaying

A lot of people have their wedding photos hanging on the walls of their home but imagine having images on your walls from every stage in your family’s growth—from marriage to your first child all the way down to when you become grandparents. Maternity photos capture a moment in time that is just as important as your wedding day. You are welcoming a new child into your lives and your home—that is huge! It is a moment that deserves professional photography, just like your wedding day.

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January 6, 2021

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