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1 year older and wiser too.

Happy Birthday Lucas!

Today we celebrated Lucas’s 1st birthday. I have watched this little guy grow from the day he was born. He has such a sweet personality and is so much fun to photograph. Ann Marie and Wayne were one of my very first clients in Georgia and have entrusted me with many photography sessions including their maternity, 1 month old, 6 month old and now 1 year cake smash. I feel honored to be such a special part of their life and to be able to watch them grow both as a couple and as a family.

1st birthday cake smash sneak peak

at 1 year old Lucas loves moving as fast as he can! He’s walking now, but he crawls and half-walks around at The speed of light. He also likes opening the fridge and he likes to pull everything out of a box and Then put everything back in the box. Compared to 6 months, he is now walking, talking and climbing.

“He climbs his slide and can Climb his climbing wall. He has 8 or 9 teeth (I think he’s got one growing in now) and loves chomping Into apples and pears whole rather than having them cut up for him.”

“Reflections By Luna is the only professional photographer I’ve put Lucas in front of. We’ve done maternity, baby, 6 month, and now year together and I plan on keeping that going through the years. We drive up from Macon after we moved and plan to continue to do so. I will continue to do so because my entire family is comfortable in front of Sariah’s camera. She is easy to get along with, good with every age, flexible, and so willing to work with our needs at any given time.” -AnnMarie Still

I am looking forward to seeing this little guy again in the future. I can’t wait to watch him grow up and see his little personality come out more.

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November 8, 2019

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